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    Focus on the R&D, mining, deep processing and application of wollastonite mineral fiber



    About Us



    About Us


    Xinyu Menghe Wollastonite Co.,Ltd professionally engage in wollastonite mining, processing and selling, In order to make full use of our own mine-Xinyu Mengfeng Wollastonite Co.,Ltd, we set up XinyuMenghe Wollastonite Co,Ltd in 2010. Our company locates at Caowangmiao, Renhe Town, Yushui Distict,Xinyu City and covers an area of 50000 square meters. Our wollastonite deposit is above ten mllion tons.

    Wollastonite is a kind of raw materials which can be applied in many industries especially Metallurgy,Ceramic, Glass Fiber, Welding, Friction Materials, Calcium Silicate Boards, Rubber, Plastic, Paints, Construction material, Paperkmaking etc... We have endeavored to provide customer with wollastonite of good and stable quality, in time delivery and good service all the time. We have focused on wollastonite for more than ten years with continuous innovation aiming to have more contribution to the developing wollastonite industry. We warmly welcome all the customers coming to visit our company and leave suggestion and comment.



    Focus on excellence, whole process, efficient symbiotic service, joint interaction


    Innovation, environmental protection, safety and win-win

    Company logo

    ◆ The overall shape of the logo is "mountain", symbolizing the company's continuous upward development, continuous deep processing of its products and its development to the leading level in the industry.

    ◆ The letters "M" and "H" in the logo represent "Mengshan" and "Renhe" respectively. The font is dignified and majestic, which reflects that Menghe Company pursues economic benefits on the premise of truth seeking and pragmatic, honest operation. The two red semicircles on the left and right are symbols of unity and tolerance, which reflect the company's development strategy of embracing all rivers and believing that tolerance is great.

    ◆ The straight line below the logo shows that the company is down-to-earth, while the arc above the logo shows that the company continues to forge ahead, reform and innovate, and has a global development belief.



    Build things with talents, and prosper businesses with talents

    The company is committed to training and using talents, taking the growth path of showing talents, building trust, taking responsibility, sharing value and making joint decisions

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